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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the Basic Wash?

It takes approximately 30 minutes per wash... in some cases this could be a bit longer especially when you go to a location near you.

What type of cloth does Santana’s Mobile Auto Detailing use to wipe the car?

We use fiber cloth to wipe the car.

What kind of payments do you accept?

You can make a check out to Santana’s Auto Detailing or you can pay in cash or pay by Venmo.

Why is it so important to wash my car?

If you have a fairly new car, its paint job probably still looks pretty good, but unless you regularly wash and wax your car, it won’t be long before the color starts to fade and rock chips begin to rust.

Does it help a car keep its value?

Yes! Appearance is the first thing people look for in a used car. If a car’s finish turns buyers off, it’s virtually impossible to get a good price no matter how well the car runs. The car which is noticeably rusted, dull and spotty will sell for significantly less than the same car with a showroom finish. Proper care of the car’s appearance will definitely pay off at trade-in time!

Can you just detail my vehicle once?

We can, but your vehicle doesn’t need to be cleaned just once a year. How often does your yard man come? Usually once a week or a couple times a month, right? When we come on a regular basis, your vehicle’s condition is maintained and it won’t take 4 hours to clean your vehicle every time. It’s fast, convenient, and more affordable than dropping your vehicle off at a detail shop.

Do you come if it’s overcast and looks like it’s about to rain?

Yes. As long as it’s not physically raining at that moment, we come for the scheduled appointment. If rain is in the forecast we will reschedule for a later date and time.